The Rain is Gone and It's Time to Come Out and Play

First off, if you're not following Charlotte Agenda on all platforms, start now. They'll keep you updated with all things Charlotte plus fun extras like where to go for hiking or weekend getaways. Now that said, have you seen all of the things happening around town this weekend?!?! It is officially St. Patrick's Day on Sunday, but there are celebrations all weekend. The biggies Saturday are the parade Uptown - that starts at 11 and I'll be on the float with most of our ragtag team. Tamo and Palmer are broadcasting live from Flight starting at 2...I may need to stick around to be a chaperone for that one. And then sometime late afternoon the bar crawlers will start gathering in their matching shirts. But if that's not your jam, check out all of the other things to get into around town. Stay safe and don't be an A-Hole this weekend!