The Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer is Finally Here!!!

I must have done something right in life because my other half tagged me on a Facebook post to let me know that STRANGER THINGS SEASON 3 IS UPON US! Yes, I was "working" on the show this morning when Netflix released the trailer for Stranger Things Season 3. If you haven't gotten into this show yet, pick a day, binge it up, and join the rest of us when you're ready. From what I've seen so far, the Internet is very excited (understatement) and Netflix is even sharing "reaction videos" of people watching the trailer. I mean, I'm excited too but I'm always wary of getting close to Woody Star Wars level excitement/insanity about any kind of teaser. But has been a long, wet, cold winter season, so enjoy the little things. But while we've got you on the line, Netflix, care to let us know when Mindhunter will be back???