It Might Be Raining But Umbrellas Still Work: What To Do This Weekend

Remember Moo and Brew 2017? It was windy and blazing hot. My sister wore a dress because she's not great at decision making. I introduced Blues Traveler and then they took the stage an hour and a half later. Ah, life. So full of stories. Well, Moo and Brew 2019 is this weekend! Everclear will be in the house and the same mooing and brewing will be taking place- unlimited beer sampling and burgers from some of the best in Charlotte. But if meat and music and beer won't do it for you, there are about a million other things happening in this fair (or, well, rainy) city of ours. Check out the comprehensive list that others have put together to make our social lives easier. We're gearing up for activity season and I hope you've been preparing. Game on, people. Dress accordingly.