Are You Too Drunk to Ride?

Have you seen those scooters around town? (Of course you have. There are multiple companies and the scooters are everywhere.) Have you been on one? They can be quite useful- that million block walk to BOA stadium in the blazing heat...where can I get one of those Lime bikes? And though Lime claims their scooters go up to 15 mph, it feels much scarier than that. Now imagine you've been out drinking. You don't want to drive of course (Duh. Never an option so that's immediately out.) and maybe Lyft or Uber is a no go. Those scooters may seem like a safe alternative...but are they? Lime Scooters says "no" and they are working on technology to keep you (and the public...and stationary objects) safe. Look, even on a clear headed sober day those things can turn into weapons, operator error aside. With this technology, there's no breathalyzer; if you're too wobbly, the scooter just won't go very fast. So, this could help those under the influence and the generally uncoordinated as well. Lime CEO says this is in the works but no actual date set for a roll out.