This Local Kid is the Part of the NFL Draft I Really Care About

I love feel good stories, even when they make me ugly cry. So this story about a local high school kid getting to go to the NFL Draft...well, the only draft news I'm really interested in at this point. Daveion Washington was surprised by his classmates at Alexander Central in Taylorsville, along with the incredible people behind Dream On 3. The news: you're going to the NFL Draft. Not even close to a "bucket list" trip for myself or several others I'm guessing but everything to this kid. He's a friendly and popular kid at his high school, a huge football fan and dreams of being a sports announcer. He also lives with autism and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to football facts and figures, so much so that he publishes "Daveion's Weekend Preview" for this high school. Seeing Daveion's joy is so much better than hearing Roger Goodell being booed endlessly and I can't wait to see how his (4 Day!) trip unfolds. Molly Grantham has the story below. Do good things, people.