Charlotte Shout! is Happening and I Had No Idea

Have you seen the giant bunnies Uptown that glow at night? Yeah, I hadn't either until my son's father sent me a picture of him in front of one...Where are they?!?! I wondered. And thank you Google, I found out that the answer is Charlotte. They were Uptown. There are giant bunnies Uptown and it's because of this festival I'd never heard of: Charlotte Shout!!! My God, how did I miss this? It's literally my job to know what interesting and fabulous things are happening in Charlotte, even if I can't do them all (and who could?!? Too many great options.) Charlotte Shout! brings music, panelists, family-friendly entertainment, art, food and so much more...and it's happening through May 11th! So, if you were in the dark like me, don't be too hard on yourself. There's still time. Check out all of the Charlotte Shout! events here and get out and about!