Remembering Riley Howell

I wanted to talk on the radio about the shooting at UNC Charlotte and we did. We gave the facts. We talked about the vigil. We held each other in place. But I wanted to talk talk about the shooting. Not about the perpetrator (may we never see his picture or mention his name), but the real stuff. The root problems. The things we are doing and not doing about it. The crisis we are in. But I couldn't stop crying. I tried to discuss it in a video. Couldn't stop crying. So I looked for the better stories. I looked for the helpers. And it turns out that one of the helpers was also a victim.

Take a moment to read about Riley Howell. 21. Student. Hero.

This is a beautiful story but still...

This is somebody's baby. He went to school and never came home.

I am still crying and we still need to talk.

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