Morehouse College Graduates are Now Living Their Best Lives

I remember when I started paying off my student loans (feels like a million years ago now)...the woman on the other end said and I quote: You'll make this monthly payment until you die. UNTIL I DIE?!?! My God, that was a decade ago and my loan was a drop in the bucket compared to graduate debt these days. Still coming out of my account every month...but graduates of Morehouse College in Atlanta will never have to feel that soul sucking pain. Commencement speaker Robert F. Smith, alumni and billionaire, paid off the student loans for the entire graduating class. That's about $40 million if you're doing the math. How freeing must that be? How much weight has been lifted? (What about those people who worked through school and didn't take out loans...but I digress). I'm worried about NEXT year's Morehouse speaker...those are big shoes to fill. Expensive, too. But for now, let's just feel the joy. Congratulations, graduates and feel free to go ahead and take care of my student loans at any time.