This Local Barbershop is Helping High School Seniors Graduate

Remember the commencement speaker at Morehouse College who paid the student loans for the entire graduating class? Well, this is a different story but with the same heart. Local barbershop owner, Season Bennett, saw the story on Morehouse and was inspired to do something locally. She is not a billionaire, but knows the strength in numbers. Her goal: raise the money for fourteen East Meck seniors to pay off their various fees....cafeteria, library, band. (These fees must be paid or the student cannot walk across the stage during the graduation ceremony. ) She reached into her own pockets, asked for help from the community and things picked up from there. Former Panther Thomas Davis heard about the fundraising from his daughter and said he'd pay the difference. Fourteen students get to experience graduation because of one woman starting small but with great love. We can all take notes. Full story below. Do good things.