Hey, Kraft! Stop Telling My Kids to Put 'Frosting' on Salad

I've watched for years as the 'Salad Dressing People' encouraged us to "eat healthier" by covering everything with ranch dressing. I knew this was all a lie. Most dressings, even the "healthy" ones are not healthy. Encouraging Americans to eat more vegetables by covering them in fat and calories (They'll taste better! But it's healthy!) is really just a scam. It's not a healthy alternative. It's just a lie to trick you into thinking you're making healthier food choices when in reality they just care that you're buying their product. The bottom line is money, not health. But that's when it comes to adults...now the Kraft people have something called "Salad Frosting" which is really just ranch dressing in what looks like a kids applesauce pouch. Look, I'm not above stretching the truth to my kids or even out and out lying (hello, Santa) but this is about their health and their eating habits. Those stretch into adulthood. We know there is a childhood obesity epidemic. We have to do better. And also, can we give kids some credit?? Just because you call something "salad frosting" doesn't mean kids won't notice that a) IT'S NOT FROSTING and b) IT'S RANCH DRESSING!!!

I want my kids to eat well and develop good eating habits; I believe we all do. But what are we doing here?