Charlotte's 'Staycation' Program Lets You Try Out Shelter Animals

So maybe you're thinking about a dog for yourself or your family. You want to get a rescue from the local shelter but it's tough to see how an animal will fit in with the household just from that first meeting. The Char-Meck Police Dept has launched their "Staycation" program through their Animal Care and Control branch. The gist: go to the shelter, fill out a waiver, and 'check out' an animal for a short period of time. No strings attached, no commitments. The goal is to get more dogs adopted while at the same time making sure the animal fits in with the family. I get it and I love it if this program helps in any way. So far, about half of the dogs taken for a 'staycation' have been adopted. But, what about the dogs that have to go back? What about the kids who get to play with the dog for a few days but then he's not around anymore? My sensitive heart just can't take it.