This Shoeless Passenger Wins the 'Worst Person on a Flight' Award

Just when I thought I'd heard every story about the airlines and passengers acting rude, drunk or just plain ridiculous, I stumble upon this video on Twitter. We've heard the stories about people taking off shoes and other items of clothing, but this guy takes things to a whole new level. This shoeless man uses HIS TOES to scroll through the iPad on the seat in front of him. HIS BARE TOES. I've seen people without arms use their feet and toes in amazing ways. But that is not the case here. According to witnesses, the man walked onto (and off) the flight carrying his own luggage...maybe his hands just needed a break? How does something like this happen and nobody says anything!?!? I'm not the germaphobe on the show but still...where's the basic sense of decency? PSA: please don't use your toes on the airplane iPad. Thank you.