I Did the Face App Challenge and I'm Not Worried About It

I knew this would happen. I'm in a radio group on social media and yesterday someone posted about the latest Face App Challenge: here's the latest thing all of the kids will be doing tomorrow! Get on it now! I don't normally do these kinds of things because too many steps. But apparently, deep down, I'm just as vain as everybody else and I wanted to see what some app thinks I might look like at 80 (or 14...I threw the young filter on my face too). It was fun. And, as predicted, everyone is posting their "me as an old person" pictures on social media...people I work with, celebrities, politicians, sports organizations. But also today, many warnings: You're helping the Russians when you use the Face App! They created it and now they're...

I just can't today. Probably not tomorrow either. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Google it and about a million articles will pop up. (I've posted one below.) I can't care about the Russians having a picture of my face that will be used to take over the world or whatever at some point in the future. You want all of my wrinkles and debt and bad decisions? Take it. Now, I know that some well meaning people are going to want to educate me about why it's a bad decision and that's fine. But I'm here to tell you that I just don't care right now. And I'm not sorry.

Here's why: I can only handle one day at a time. Taking care of myself and my family is priority #1, followed by my work and extended family and friends. I simply don't have the brain space to worry about such things that may or may happen in the future. I will lose my mind. I'm more worried about things that are happening in my community RIGHT NOW: feeding hungry kids, supporting research to eradicate pediatric cancer, building ramps for wounded veterans, asking questions about the skyrocketing murder rate, giving water to people dying in this heat wave...and the list goes on. So, you choose what takes up your brain space...tell me I'm wrong, tell me I'm ruining the country...I'll be over here marveling at how poorly I might age....and then getting to work on problems I can actually help with today.