Lyft's 'Grocery Access' Program is Coming to Two Charlotte Neighborhoods

Here's the deal: many of our neighbors struggle to make healthy food choices because they simply don't have easy access to fresh and/or affordable fruit, vegetables and meats. I can take my car to any of the city's grocery stores, but many people just don't have the transportation or means. Some aren't able bodied enough to make the bus trip on their own. And even for the younger and more able- there's bus fare and then lugging your groceries back home alone. That's a lot of work and also why so many in our community are relying on whatever they can get from their local convenience store. The ‘Grocery Access’ program from Lyft is trying to change this cycle by offering free weekly round trip rides to designated grocery stores and food pantries for under-served Charlotte neighborhoods- 28208 and 28216 to start. This pilot program runs from August 2019-January 2020 locally and in other major cities. I can't wait to see how this plays out in Charlotte. Details below for more info and to register.