Stop What You're Doing and Watch Simone Biles Do Magic

I consider myself fairly athletic and in shape for my age. Correction: I did until I watched this video of Simone Biles doing something absolutely insane. The US Women's National Championships happened and Simone won for a 6th time. That hasn't happened in nearly 70 years. I don't know enough about gymnastics to ring in, but she is now apparently the GOAT of her sport. That's a lot of titles, BUT DID YOU SEE HER FLOOR ROUTINE?!?! Sorry for yelling, but have you seen it? She landed a triple twisting double somersault and I don't care what you call looks like a magic trick. This is a move apparently so hard that few gymnasts (men or women) even attempt it, much less stick it. Here's my favorite quote from USA Today:

Biles landed her triple twisting-double somersault Sunday, getting so much height on the move the folks in the first half-dozen rows had to crane their necks to see her. An NBC replay showed she was actually above its boom camera, which means someone could have parked an SUV on the floor and Biles would have cleared it easily.

She twisted and flipped over a damn SUV people!!!!! And this on the heels of a double twisting double flip dismount from the balance beam- another move never tried by mere mortal gymnasts. She nailed that one too. Check yourself, Tom Brady. What cannot SHE do? Video below and then go do some push ups or jump rope or something.