LeBron James May Soon Own Taco Tuesdays

Here's a fun fact I learned today: LeBron James loves tacos. And apparently he loves them even more when it's a Tuesday. In fact, he loves a #tacotuesday so much that he now wants to own the trademark. LeBron James' company, LBJ Trademarks is seeking the rights to the phrase Taco Tuesday. From what we understand, this is a business decision and not just a love for Mexican dishes. He has no plans to use the trademark himself but says he likes to keep his options open. According to the LA Times, there are already 19 other requests to trademark the phrase. No clue how it's determined if anyone should indeed own the rights to "Taco Tuesday" but from what I've seen in life, the phrase really belongs to all of us. Tacos and Tuesdays are for everyone.