Sad News: The Spelling Bee Has Been Canceled

Everything I know about spelling bees I learned from either the movie Akeelah and the Bee or Wilcox (he loves it). But I know that these are things that happen in life. In the fourth grade, I found myself in a spelling bee that I don't believe I ever wanted to participate in. I got kicked out for incorrectly spelling "column" and I've clearly never recovered. Unfortunately though for this year's young professional contestants, the Scripps Spelling Bee has been canceled for the first time since 1945. And no, they didn't run out of words; this is because of the Coronavirus world we live in now. With no large gatherings allowed, no traveling and no way to regulate a Zoom spelling competition, the event will have to return next year. I do feel deeply for the kids who have put in the work and competed with the mind for a spot there. The adults, not so much. So if you just cannot wait for strangers' children to spell words you've never heard of, just check out ESPN's deep line up of throwbacks. I accidentally caught the '93 (??? It was old) edition of the spelling bee over the weekend so all is not lost.