Cam Newton Worked Out with Julian Edelman and It All Feels Wrong

I feel like Cam Newton and I grew up together. We built our careers and families in Charlotte (for better and for worse). I watched him win, take hard losses, and continue to show up for the community. People talked about his shoulder, his attitude, his fashion choices. We got older. Now, he belongs to New England.

Yesterday, Cam posted a video of his practice with Julian Edelman and it felt like all kinds of wrong. This is not my team. Those days are over. Cam looks great; healthy and accurate. If you follow his account, you know he is hungry to win and even more, to prove himself and maybe even to Carolina as well. This video does not get me hyped up; it makes me miss him more. But I hope New England fans take this and get excited about the possibilities. I want to see Cam Newton succeed, even if it's not with Carolina. Treat him right, Patriot fans.