Struggling to Balance Work and Virtual Learning? Consider Pandemic Pods.

My friends and I started discussing this a few months back: how are people going to work (or even work from home) AND manage kids doing virtual school from home? This was a neat test back at the end of the school year but how is this even manageable for real? What about the people who have no options? Or the ones who simply cannot do their own job while micromanaging loud, sometimes unruly tiny roommates? This is all a challenge. For those with enough money and enough of a village, 'Pandemic Pods' are being created. This is an opportunity to employ a teacher and create an in person learning environment with ideally lower infection risks than traditional school. A teacher, tutor or someone otherwise qualified, is hired to teach and manage a small group of students. In some cases, pods are created with the same instruction for all of the students, which could obviously be a challenge for students in different grade levels. Another option is to hire one person to oversee the virtual learning coursework for each child in the pod. But in everyday speak: if you can afford to get together with your neighbors and hire a teacher, you AND the children may actually be able to get some work done.