The Oldest American Woman Turns 116

Have you ever imagined being 116 years old? Let's take a minute and think about it together...I don't care how old you are or think you are currently. 116 probably feels a) impossible b) possibly unwanted or c) a million years from now. But Hester Ford of Charlotte turns 116 years old today and is officially the oldest living American woman. Do you think she ever imagined living to be 116 YEARS OLD??? I cannot emphasize this enough: there is a woman in Charlotte who has lived through the Flu Pandemic of 1918 and is still here for Covid-19 circa 2020. Check out the article and make note of the number of great and great-great kids alone. And if you're feeling iffy about the state of the world today, remember that there's a woman who has managed to live through 116 years of things, good and bad and in between. Now, put on your socks and hop to it.