I'm still on the fence about the new Pearl Jam song

Here's something you may not know: I saw Pearl Jam at Memorial Stadium in 1996 when I was a baby. Okay, well, maybe not that young but let's just say I've been a fan for most of my life. I've heard the music, I've been to the concerts, I still feel the love. But I'm also still on the fence about their new song, Get it Back. This isn't technically new, new...it first appeared on a compilation to raise money for a nonprofit. But now it has been released by the streaming services for the masses. This one was written by drummer Matt Cameron and it's the first new song since Gigaton came out in March. I love the lyrics but I'm not sure about the overall mix. Take a listen to Get It Back and decide, yay or nay or...maybeeeeeee??? (That's where I still am).

But also, bonus Pearl Jam coming soon:

"To mark the 30th anniversary of the Seattle band’s debut live performance, which took place at their hometown’s Off Ramp venue on October 22, 1990, Pearl Jam have also revealed that they’re to live stream the gig they played at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on April 29, 2016." ~ Louder

Now, THAT I am fully on board for...three hours, 32 songs, kicking off with Ten in its entirety. I'm already there. In a year full of all kinds of crazy, I'll take all the Pearl Jam I can get, thank you. More info on how to get in on that live stream below.

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