Happy Anniversary, #Job2!

It is very appropriate that today is the fifth anniversary of my time at #Job2. Because I am writing this while I am working at #Job2. So I thought I would take the time to explain what #Job2 is, what I do there, why this blog hasn't been updated since February 13 (sorry about that) and why I don't appear at many Woody and Wilcox Show events.

I graduated from Michigan State University with two degrees in Accounting, with a focus in tax. After years and years of being a tax accountant, I decided that I wanted to do something a little more fun. So I went to broadcasting school. As part of that program, I had an internship with the Woody and Wilcox Show and the rest is history.

So back to #Job2. I work at a corporation that some would say is also in the music business. But I work there as a tax accountant. What do I do exactly? Well, I prepare sales and use tax returns. When you go to Target and your $5.00 pack of batteries ends up costing $6.00-that extra dollar is sales tax that Target does not get to keep. So I prepare the returns that tells the states how much my company sold, how much tax we collected, and how much tax we are paying them. Sounds super fun, right? I also do property tax returns. Just how you have to pay taxes on your car and house, companies have to pay taxes on their property as well. I have the honor of preparing those returns. Yay me!

Preparing those two types of returns keeps me pretty busy. Especially this time of the year. Between February 13 and today (March 24), I have prepared almost 1300 tax returns. Crazy, right? And I am no where near done. Which is why I have not had time to blog. Or attend miscellaneous show and station events. Don't get me wrong. I like and appreciate #Job2. It allows me to work on the show and not be homeless. Plus my boss there is great! It's just that I don't get to be as involved with things outside of the show as I would like.

Oh, you may have heard the guys talking about me teaching at a college. I did do that for seven years. But I finally had to resign. Three jobs took too much energy and I am not a spring chicken anymore!

So if you are ever at an event and Woody, Wilcox, and Chelsea are all there, it's probably because of one of two reasons. One-I wasn't invited. Two-I am at working at #Job2.

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