Movie Review: Booksmart

I wasn't much of a partier in high school. In fact, in four years, I think I attended one actual house party that had no parental figures present. So I could relate to Amy and Molly, the lead characters in the movie Booksmart, who spent their high school days focused on academics in order to attend prestigious colleges. What they didn't realize was that the "slacker" students also got into the same colleges. The two realized they could have had the best of both worlds-fun and academics-and decide to cram four years of fun into one night.

Booksmart has been described as a female Superbad. I can't comment on that since I never saw Superbad. I can say that I loved the interaction between Amy and Molly. And Billie Lourd's performance as school mate Gigi is hilarious. The movie was at its best when it focused on the relationship between Molly and Amy and at its worst when exploring their love interests. There is one particular scene involving Molly and her crush that I found especially cheesy. One of the best scenes involves the girls' unknowing experimentation with drugs.

Overall, the movie is touching and funny. Check out the trailer below and check out the movie in theaters now.