Status Unemployed: Day One

Today was my first official day of unemployment!

No, I haven't left the Woody and Wilcox Show. And I never will. Even if they fire me, I will just keep showing up to the studio.

In case you don't know, I work with Woody and Wilcox on a part-time basis. After the show, I would head to my full-time job as a tax accountant for a corporation. In April, it was announced that the entire Finance department was being relocated to Austin, Texas. My position was eliminated and my last day would be July 1.

So now it is July 2 and I have no full-time job. I am looking for another position, mostly because I like living in a house and having things like electricity and food. And medical insurance. You know you are an adult when one of your major concerns is benefits.

So how was my first day of unemployment? Not bad at all. The first part of the day was pretty standard: after my time at the radio station, I ran some errands and headed home. While I was eating lunch, I heard a loud boom. At first I thought someone was breaking into my house. Then I thought a car had crashed into my townhome. I checked all the doors and looked out all the windows. Everything in the neighborhood was calm. I cautiously went back to my lunch. A little later I found out the source of the noise. A house in a nearby neighborhood exploded, killing one person and injuring another. The explosion was felt as far as five miles away. There was constant television coverage on the local channels. You can read more about it here.

The biggest issue I will have during my "sabbatical" is the temptation to take naps. Today I took a two hour nap, which is why I am up at 12:15 a.m. Not a good thing when I have to be at the station by 6:00 a.m. I may be a little cranky. I'll just have to go home and take a nap. LOL

I'll keep you posted on my job search. Since I have had three jobs at once over the last five years, I am looking forward to only having one place of employment for a while.

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