Mom Complains About Childless People at Disneyworld

I am hours away from boarding a plan to go to the happiest place on Earth-Disneyworld. Just gotta get through a little thing called the Woody and Wilcox Show and I am on my way. If it was up to one mom, I would not be allowed on Disney property. The Bad Decision Fairy (@JenKatWrites) on Twitter shared a screen shot of a rant by a frustrated mom. Her issue? Childless people at Disneyworld. Somehow, childless people caused her three-year-old son to not get a pretzel. She has two solutions to this problem: first, mothers with children should be able to skip lines. Second, people who don't have kids should be banned from Disneyworld.

This woman is straight up crazy. The description of her trip with her child does not make me want to drop a baby anytime soon. I've been to Disney with my nieces and nephews and we had a blast. She sounds like a miserable person with a miserable child. Maybe she's the one that needs to be banned.