Silence! The Musical

Silence of the Lambs as a musical. How do you think that plays out? Rather well actually. I got to see the show Sunday afternoon with some friends. Upon entering the venue, there was a photo wall with props including a mask, a la Hannibal Lecter, and quote bubbles featuring famous quotes from the movie.

The musical follows the plot of the movie while making fun of itself. The actress playing Clarice captured her speech patterns hilariously. The songs are funny and fit in the story well.

The show has harsh language and is sexually explicit so I would think twice about including the kids on this outing. There is a lot of simulated sex action. They even mention a rusty trombone. I actually knew what this was thanks to the Woody and Wilcox Show. There is also violence with water guns.

The show is put on by local theater groups. I had the pleasure of seeing at Actors Theater Charlotte. Check the arts calendar for your city to see if it is coming to an area near you.

The clip below is from a production by the Minneapolis Musical Theater.

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