Movie Review: Gemini Man

Will Smith's Henry is a professional killer who decides to retire from the job. While relaxing in Georgia, some not-so-nice people try to kill him. Come to find out, the main assassin is a younger version of Henry. How could that be? And so begins the new Ang Lee movie, Gemini Man.

With the magic of CGI, Will Smith plays his younger self. This works well about fifty percent of the time. In half the scenes, the younger Smith looks like he jumped out of an episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In the other half, the figure doesn't look quite right in the face; you can tell that something is off.

Overall it was an enjoyable movie. It is your typical sci-fi-ish, action movie. There's a little bit of commentary about cloning that is thought provoking but not overwhelming and it doesn't weigh down the movie.

I must say that I prefer the older Will Smith. He has definitely gotten better with age.

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