Movie Review: The Addams Family

Another Addams Family movie. We first saw the Addams family on the big screen in 1991. Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston as the family heads of Gomez and Morticia. It gave us the sequel, Addams Family Values, and, of course, the MC Hammer song, Addams Groove. Who could forget that? I put the video below just in case you did.

This version of the creepy family is animated and more geared towards children. It focuses on Wednesday and her desire to be a part of the "normal" world. She wants to go to the public school and rebels by wearing bright clothes. The movie has a good message about being yourself and not changing yourself to "fit in".

From an adult perspective, I found the movie sluggish in some parts. Some of the characters, including a home designer voiced by Allison Janney, are just annoying. I did like Wednesday's deadpan-ness (is that word?)