Retro Reviews

Normally I post movie reviews as a part of my blog. With COVID-19 shutting theaters down, movie screenings were cancelled. Films that were to be released in theaters were released for viewing at home. While I would love to have seen Trolls World Tour, I was not paying $20 to rent it.

But there are a ton of movies from the past that I have not seen. Ninety percent of the movies Woody and Wilcox quote on the show are movies that I have not seen. This would be a great time for me to watch those films. After I watch them, I will post a review.

What movies do you suggest I watch? Top Gun? Dumb and Dumber? I am open to anything as long as it is on Netflix (that's the only streaming service I have access to. I am not paying for these movies. I am on a budget). The only thing I will not watch is Shawshank Redemption. I have absolutely no interest in that.

Send me your suggestions and I will get started!

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