Scary Incident at #Job2

Yesterday I tweeted that it was the second anniversary of a person at #Job2. I can't remember if this was discussed on the show so I thought I would explain what happened.

My second job was a position in the tax department of a corporation in South Carolina. Because of my schedule with the Woody and Wilcox Show, and the volume of work at #Job2, I would often work on Saturdays. This particular Saturday, there were three people in the office: BM, Tyler, and myself. After a while, a two-person cleaning staff arrived to straighten up the building.

After a couple of hours, Tara, the owner of the cleaning service, runs up to my desk to ask that I call 9-1-1. She said something was wrong with her staff person in the warehouse. I get on the phone with 9-1-1 and my co-workers and I go to find the lady. I eventually break away from the group because the dispatcher was asking me so many questions, I couldn't search and answer all her questions at the same time. While I'm talking to her, my co-workers find the lady and begin CPR. Fortunately for us, Tyler worked as an EMT so he knew exactly what to do. Fire, medic, and police all show up. The medics work on the lady for 45 minutes and pronounce her dead. We then wait for the coroner to show up to claim the body. It was surreal and I wasn't sure what to do. You just can't go back to preparing tax returns after someone has died.

That's the short story. The actual day was so much more intense than can be put in a blog post.

Remember to love your people while you can. You never know when something will happen.

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