Retro Review: Teeth

My first Retro Review is the 2007 movie Teeth. I had heard about this movie but never saw it. Thanks to my newly acquired HBO Max subscription I was able to partake of this horror/comedy film.

The plot: Dawn discovers that she has teeth in her nether regions. The film shows her eventual embracing of her "powers".

My thoughts: This movie contained the most penis shots I have ever seen in a film. Most of them were severed and bloody, but still. There is also an anal sex story line involving Dawn's step brother. The film's look reminded me of the original Friday the 13th. It is more funny than scary. It's a background movie-watch it while you do something else. I was getting some packages ready to be mailed while it was playing. It's not deep, so you don't need to focus all you energy on it.

CB Rating: I'm not mad at it. .

You can watch the trailer below.

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