Election Day Uber, Lyft, and Lime Bike Discounts

Election Day 2018 is finally here!  That means tomorrow we'll finally be free of those terrible attack ads with the scary piano music and sneaky "headlines" (read the very fine print).  Also, we're sorry for blasting you with those on the air too, but we have to run them.  

You have until 7:00p this evening to cast a vote and, remember, if you're in line, you get a vote.  Don't listen to anyone who says otherwise.  

Need a ride?  Uber, Lyft, and LimeBike are all offering discounts or free rides today with promo codes. 

LimeBike / Scooters:  I don't know if the bikes are still readily available, but those scooters are on almost every corner.  Jump on one and use the promo code LIME2VOTE18 and you'll be able to get 30 mins free to travel to your polling place.  

Uber:  You'll be able to get $10 off a single ride with the promo code VOTE2018!

Lyft: You'll either get 50% off of up to $5 off all rides.  If you want the discount, you'll need to enter your zip code here


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