Cutting Back My Beef Consumption to Help Save the Planet

I don't really keep track of how much beef I consume on a weekly basis, but I know it's more than a burger and a half. I'm such a fan of beef I go on a trip to 3 cities every summer just to try their best independent steakhouse! Sperry's in Nashville and Chamberlain's in Dallas are the two best, in case you were wondering.

That's why this is tough news to (literally) swallow for someone who also believes in battling climate change. According to researchers, American's need to cut back their meat consumption by 40% (Europe by 22%), for the world to continue to feed the estimated 10 billion people by 2050. That's about a burger and a half per week... and I'm guessing that's a single.

Not only is demand for beef at an all time high, but the beef industry is responsible for 41% of livestock greenhouse gas emissions. Livestock accounts for nearly 15% of total global emissions.

Can someone be a true carnivore and climate advocate? I'm going to try and limit myself to beef one meal per week and see how this goes. Well, minus the steak trip.

Watch this video!

One easy idea is to take part in "Meatless Monday," who have a great site full of information and recipes. The Beyond Burger isn't terrible, and kind of tastes like McDonald's. Kind of. Add that Sperry's seasoning, dice up some spicy pickles, and throw some Heinz on on top.

Oh, and here's Sperry's.

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