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The FCC Complaints About the St. Louis Blues F-Bombs

The St. Louis Blues were fired the f up after they defeated the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals a few weeks ago. They did drop a lot of f-bombs on camera during the post game celebration, which drew a number of complaints to the FCC.

Is this REALLY what you have to worry about in 2019? Stop watching live TV.


"Stanley cup playoffs on NBC. F bomb dropped multiple times. This is not acceptable. Children are watching. 10 min delay?"


"During the presentation of the Stanley Cup last night there were an unacceptable amount of f-bombs dropped heard from on ice audio. This audio feed should have been cut off but wasn't. Five of the first seven players raising the cup decided to do this in one form or another. I then changed channels to avoid further exposure to grandson watching. Producer/director should have cut on ice audio after first player did this."


"Foul language allowed multiple times without editing for obscene language."


"During the post-game show of the Stanley cup on NBC, the network broadcast numerous instances of hockey players, and even training staff, screaming the word "f---" I was absolutely horrified by hearing these terrible words from professionals. There were also a couple of middle fingers from the stands. I had to take a shower after hearing those foul words because I felt so dirty and violated. The NHL needs to take make sure its players act in a manner that is respectful of law enforcement, respectful of decency, and promotes respectful treatment of women, similar to the NFL and how all of their players act."

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