Fast Food Employees: "Taking a Bathroom Break Just to Sit Down" [VIDEO]

I've worked a lot of jobs where sitting wasn't allowed, and I'm firmly on Team Let Employees Sit (when possible).

Before you get ready to argue that sitting = lazy, check this out: ALDI grocery stores let cashiers sit because it boosts productivity. They scan more items faster while sitting. Wild, eh?

And I know there's gonna be a lot of "but sitting for too long is bad for you?" It is! But so is standing for too long.

These are some of the comments on the TikTok video:

  • Amazon has me standing for 10 hours a shift 😭
  • when I worked in fast food I straight up went to the bathroom just so I could sit down
  • that no sitting stuff just seems so inhumane to me
  • I just go to the restroom and sit on da toilet or go to the storage and lay in some boxes😭
  • taking a bathroom break just to sit down
  • omg this was me at BK, my feet would be burning so bad when I worked weekends 😭
  • bro my job told me I need a doctor's note to sit because I sprained my ankle… I sprained it at work y'all
  • I'll be standing on one foot at a time leaning on a counter giving one foot at a time some rest 😂
  • when I act like I'm on period so I can sit down in the bathroom for 5 minutes
  • I literally have feet & leg problems because I stand for 9 hours every day. petition to let workers sit at their jobs.
  • feet be on FIRE after each shift.
  • Me, sitting in the blind spots of the security cameras: 😏😏
  • there's no reason why I can’t sit, I should not be limping out of my minimum wage job

h/t: Daily Dot

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