The 17 Most Bizarre Things Ever Donated To Goodwill

The most bizarre things people have donated to Goodwill:

1. A guillotine. An employee says they think it went for $30.

2. Bags of groceries. Probably by accident.

3. Literal bags of garbage. And NOT by accident.

4. A basket of taxidermy kittens.

5. A glass jar labeled, "Fart, June 1975."

6. A rock . . . just a normal rock. The Goodwill put an $11 tag on it. It sold.

7. A Louis Vuitton purse . . . with human teeth inside.

8. A tiny toy car that said, "Pizza with bean . . . have you tried it?"

9. An entire cardboard box of original newspapers from historical events, like Kennedy's assassination . . . Nixon's resignation . . . and the Man on the Moon.

10. A glow-in-the-dark Ouija board.

11. A chair shaped like a Labrador Retriever.

12. A dog "sculpture" made out of random metals, including golf clubs, and a bathroom faucet.

13. A coffin.

14. A "fertility idol."

15. "Underwear for squirrels."

16. A painting of Rosey the Robot Maid from "The Jetsons" . . . showing Rosey posing provocatively.

17. A book with "Bible for the Deaf" written on the cover while the rest was in Braille.

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