CVS Bans Use of Photoshop on its Beauty Ads

CVS will no longer be retouching photos for their beauty brand ads. THIS IS AWESOME FOR SO MANY REASONS!!

1) Practicality: Is that foundation going to fully cover our blemishes or is it slightly translucent? Does this bronzer come out darker than it looks in the packaging? Etc. Let us actually SEE the product!

2) We, as normal non-robot humans, would like to see ourselves represented in the ads for products that we're supposed to buy. Like, that's wonderful that the already perfect-looking model looks great in that makeup, buuutttt that's not really whose buying it.

3) IT LOOKS BETTER! Looking like an actual person is an attractive thing. It's weird when models are super retouched and look like some sort of video game character.

Anyway, the moral of the story is: This is GREAT!

Read about the CVS Ban here

Now, if we can just work on the women's shaving ads... Why are you shaving hairless legs??

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