Are You Guilty of "Micro-Cheating"?

You ever have one of those friendships that just... isn't entirely platonic? It's just a little too flirty. A little too intimate. 

Nothing physical, of course. But you know your partner would be super uncomfortable with it. 

WELP! We're calling that micro-cheating now.

Shilling explained that what separates micro-cheating from innocent friendship or flirtation — as these lines can be blurry — is the secrecy, deception, and intent to hide it from your partner. "Your partner may have a perfectly platonic relationship with a friend and they may be up-front and open about talking to them and seeing them. This should not ring alarm bells," she said. "However, if they start to conceal their relationship from you or lie to you about it, then start considering the appropriateness of their connection."

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