New "Body Positive" Mannequins Miss the Mark

British fashion brand "Missguided" has released mannequins that have freckles, vitiligo, stretch marks, and normal people attributes. Which is all great and well and good. There's nothing wrong with that. 


If you want "body positive" mannequins, make them different sizes. Put them in realistic poses (which, to be fair, Missguided did. But the fact we even have to give them credit for that is insane). Give them some damn rolls when they're posed sitting down.

This goes for men's mannequins too. Not that many dudes have a perfectly chiseled six pack.

Maybe, just maybe, we'd like to see what the clothes would actually look like on us, instead of an unachievably perfect humanoid body.

Read a much more optimistic take on the mannequins here

Body Positive Mannequins

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