There Are Pros to This Wind Storm

With chance of 70mph gusts battering the DMV, people are hunkering down and waiting out the storm.

Yeah, ok, that's reasonable and everything but CONSIDER THE POSSIBILITIES 

1) Go outside and open your umbrella. It's basically FREE HANG GLIDING. Watch everyone going about their boring day while you're Mary Poppins-ing the heck outta dodge. Pro tip: Wear roller skates for a smoother landing. 

2) HANDS FREE BLOWOUT. Look like a model strutting her stuff down the catwalk while the wind effortlessly tousles those locks into the perfect wind blown look. People pay like $40 just to go to a salon and have their hair blown out and style. You're saving time and money. Killin' the game just walking outside. 

^^This could be you!

3) You get out there and indulge in a burrito. Today, you are guaranteed to be CROP DUST-FREE. Walk confidently through that crowd of people, Chipotle in hand, being propelled forward by your own gases, KNOWING not one person is getting a whiff of your personal exhaust. 

I could go on for hours. But the moral of the story is: don't blow this day off!! 

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