Have You Heard of the "Hunger Quotient"?

Bathing suit season is quickly approaching, and as much as I live by the mantra. "a bikini body is just a body with a bikini on it" (or whatever the catchier alternative is), I also just really want a flat tummy. 

And to be healthy, of course. 

As the saying goes: abs are made in the kitchen. I have issues not eating my heart out whenever I'm really hungry. Turns out the trick is to never let myself get that hungry!

It seems almost counter intuitive; always being full. However, it makes good sense. I make the worst food choices when I'm starving, and the best ones when I know I'm ready to eat, but not famished. 

The goal is to always stay between, "I'm ready to eat," and "satisfied but not over stuffed." Between 4-6 on the hunger scale. It takes a lot of practice and requires you to really get to know your body. But hey! Those are good things! 

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