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Why Women REALLY Go to the Bathroom Together

"Excuse me guys, I gotta go to the little girls' room. Karen, do you wanna come with?" Of course you're going to go. You know what this means: it's time. 

You both get up to leave and your boyfriends give you confused looks. "What do you women DO in there together??" Susan's boyfriend asks. "That's for us to know, and you to find out," you laugh, disguising your nerves.

But they won't find out. They can't. 

You make your way across the bar to the bathroom. As you draw closer, you're impressed by how well the music drowns out the noise. But, of course, it was planned that way. 

You and Susan squeeze your way into the bathroom. It's packed, but you can still see it.

The ring.

Tonight's fighters: the reigning champion, Tiffany, versus, wait, holy crap, is that Jen from high school?? Small world.

You elbow your way to the front to get a closer look; squeezing past sweaty bodies shaking their money in the air and shouting obscenities. 

Yeah, that's definitely Jen. 

"Jen! JEN!! It's me! Karen! From AP Calc!"

She squints in an effort to see who could possibly be trying to get her attention at this moment. 

A smile cracks across her face as she recognizes you with delight. She raises her hand into an enthusiastic wave.

"Oh my god hi!! This is craz-"


Tiffany sucker punches her in the face. She's knocked out instantly. 

"Well, that was the easiest $200 I've ever made," you think to yourself as you head to the back stall to collect your winnings. 

You'll be picking up the tab tonight. 

lolololololol jk we just gossip.

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