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The Real Reason the Yodel Boy is Famous

Look, internet culture is bizarre. It's one of those things that you just have to "get." If you don't, it's nearly impossible to explain. It's full of nuance, irony, sarcasm, and mostly memes. 

Try explaining a meme to someone who's never been on the internet. Yeah. You can't. 

This complexity is made the most evident as companies try to commercialize memes and viral "celebrities." 

Like, why does the "Cash Me Ousside" girl have a record deal? Because the record label doesn't get it. They look at it and go, "welp, this is what young people like today" without understanding why. 

So now, the yodeling kid from Wal-Mart has a record deal. Look how this article from Time describes him: 

[The yodel boy] became internet-famous for yodeling in a Walmart with the utmost cuteness.

No! That is NOT why he became famous! He became famous because for some reason, there was this little kid YODELING in the middle of a WAL-MART wearing a ridiculous outfit, belting out a song that his grandpa probably got down to when he was a teen. 

It was hilariously bizarre. THAT is why he's famous.

Does this kid have talent? Sure. Most of us can't yodel, let alone sing. A lot of us don't appreciate the legitimate skill it takes to actually yodel. 

But that's not why he's famous.

So, corporations, please stop trying to commercialize memes. You don't get it. You're missing the mark. 

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