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"Miracle Boy" Comes Back to Life After Being Brain Dead

13 year old Trenton McKinley was in a dune buggy accident that killed him. But this story has a happy ending. Just go with me here.

He was in a dune buggy being pulled by a trailer, when the trailer suddenly hit the brakes. Trailer flips, Trenton hits the concrete, trailer falls onto his head, lights out.

The doctor's told his mother, if he even survived, he'd be in a vegetative state. 

His heart kept stopping and he was apparently brain dead for several days. His mother signed the papers to use his organs to save other children just one day before homeboy was like, "lol jk it was all a prank!!"

Ok so that's not what actually happened. 

The doctors called his mother the day before his final brain wave scan saying he started moving his feet and hands!

Holy shi**

Basically this dude pulled the ultimate mulligan.

Here's the full story.

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