Shocking to No One Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande Break Up

Welp, color me unsurprised. The couple who got engaged after just a few weeks of dating broke up. And yeah, they both got tattoos for each other during the relationship. And yeah, she has a song on her album called "Pete Davidson." So you know, all signs of relationship built to last. 

Ok, there's the cynical viewpoint. My actual thoughts are... pretty sad tbh. Not that I really believed they would make it, but they seemed very happy and in love. Not to mention, Ariana has been really going through a lot , especially since her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller died a couple weeks ago after an overdose. She's canceled a number of shows for emotional reasons. And now she's going through a breakup with the man she thought she would marry. I hope Ariana can get back on her feet and pull through.