A Water Bar is a Thing that Exists for Some Reason

I get that "not all water tastes the same" and whatever but like... it's all close enough. And definitely close enough that we don't need to have 40 kinds of it. But that's exactly what the capital-based Waterbar DC has decided to offer its customers.

This is their actual menu from their website. And yes, that is a $25 bottle of water. From Chile.

Also get a load of this masterpiece of a YouTube video giving a tour of the "bar."

You know it's legit because their stairs have a waterfall pattern on them. Why does it look like they just rented out their grandparents' old apartment and put some tables in it and were like, "we'll sell uh... water?"

WAIT A SECOND. It's right above the History of Cannabis Museum. No seriously. Ok this makes so much more sense now.

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