Here's the Stupid Thing People are Angry About Now

Of all the things to be angry about in the world, this is the thing that quite a few people have chosen to focus on. Much like we did back in the 1770's, the US beat the ever living crap out of England. In women’s soccer. To celebrate this fact, one of the players, Alex Morgan, went to the sidelines and mimed drinking tea.

Oh you were expecting more to the story? No that’s literally it. People are upset about that. They think it was mean to England. They said it was a show of poor sportsmanship. Let’s be real it was more a show of people being sore losers.

Like, dude. She didn't give you the finger. She didn't make some obscene gesture. She sipped tea.

Obviously, England needs to incorporate siestas into its days, because all of those babies clearly need a nap, since they're throwing a tantrum.

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