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Cops Will Be Pulling Over Good Drivers to "Reward Them"

Cops in Arizona want to reward good drivers by pulling them over and giving them a coupon for a free drink from Circle K.

Where do I even begin with this?

FIRST OF ALL, a free drink coupon from Circle K?? THAT is what you got? Not worth the panic attack I'm going to get from seeing cop lights in the rear view mirror. You know what would be a better reward? Being left the hell alone. But thanks for making me late to work. The diet Dr. Pepper really made up for that.

ALSO, while we have Miss Daisy on the side of the road, how many of the actual d-bags who like to go 100mph and weave in and out of traffic are going to get away? Are we forgetting that there's an actual job that these police should be doing instead of this?

AND ANOTHER THING, why are people getting rewarded for doing what they should be doing?? The reward is not getting into a car accident. But if we're going to do this, I would please like a giftcard for every person I haven't murdered.

PLUS, don't people always complain about kids getting participation trophies? Cuz this is a participation trophy for adults.

AND ONE MORE TINY DETAIL, it's straight up unconstitutional. You can't just pull people over whenever you want. Gotta have a reason better than a damn free drink coupon.

Ok. I need a nap.

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