Rivers Cuomo Almost Released a Vegetarian-Themed Rap Album

RollingStone just published a FANTASTIC in-depth article on Weezer. Y'all it is wild.

The best part however, is the casual bombshell dropped by former guitarist Jason Cropper. He said Rivers moved to Santa Monica, started churning out songs and going to school. AND THEN HE SAID THIS

Cropper says that around this time, Cuomo also made an entire, never-released rap album under the name Vegeterrorists – songs about his lifelong vegetarianism in styles akin to Public Enemy and Run-DMC. “Rivers can drop mad beats and spit mad rhymes with the best,” says Cropper. “And if I stayed in the band, we would’ve done records like that years ago.”

So you may think the Teal Album is the weirdest thing Weezer has ever done, but just remember: they've been weird since day one.

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