People are Supergluing Their Lips Now

Was their ever a time when people were just, I don't know, HAPPY WITH THE WAY THEY LOOKED? I could go on a rant about how it's really all the fault of late-stage capitalism but this is an entertainment blog. You don't want that and I won't put you through it. (But really it's all late-stage capitalism's fault)

People want big lips. It's all the rage now. But not everyone has Kylie Jenner's money for actual lip fillers, so these people are coming up with cheaper methods. First it was innocent enough: just overdrawing the lip line when putting on lipstick. Then it was putting your lips in a shot glass and sucking to create a vacuum effect and forcing the blood to your lips.

Now, it's superglue. Yes. Superglue.

They put a little glue on the top of their lip, and then curl their top lip up to stick it.

Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

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